In defense of daggy fruit

A couple of weeks ago I was walking around my local shopping centre complex thing, and happened upon the seconds stand at the fruit shop, AKA that thing that I often walk past but rarely think about. On it are fruits and vegetables which are considered too ugly for the shops, but which are perfectly … Continue reading In defense of daggy fruit


New Year’s Resolutions & Sneaky Vegetables

Happy New Year! As a lover of tradition, I've made at least one resolution for 2017: to post fortnightly on the blog. With any luck you will be hearing from me every second Sunday (AEST, so depending where you are it could still be Saturday - hello international friends!). For many people out in the … Continue reading New Year’s Resolutions & Sneaky Vegetables

The truth about prunes and other dried fruits \\ Fruit cake

For my first post, I thought I'd bake a cake with something that's famous for its reputation for keeping things moving: prunes. As far as I can remember, prunes have been associated with helping relieve constipation, and upon learning this at a young age, I was afraid to try them for fear that I would … Continue reading The truth about prunes and other dried fruits \\ Fruit cake