The Burger Brunch

Every so often I get super inspired by a recipe or a concept, causing me to make detailed plans for meals with multiple components, and then I use family brunch as an excuse to try them out. In the past I've done dishes like Spanish-inspired eggs with cornbread, or slow-cooked beef burritos with homemade corn … Continue reading The Burger Brunch


Modifying Nigella

A few months ago, when I was living out of home for prac, I decided to try Nigella Lawson's "Sweet Potato Macaroni Cheese". I really liked it, so I thought it was about time to make it again, for my family. Because I am me, I decided that I'd like to see how it turned … Continue reading Modifying Nigella

The truth about prunes and other dried fruits \\ Fruit cake

For my first post, I thought I'd bake a cake with something that's famous for its reputation for keeping things moving: prunes. As far as I can remember, prunes have been associated with helping relieve constipation, and upon learning this at a young age, I was afraid to try them for fear that I would … Continue reading The truth about prunes and other dried fruits \\ Fruit cake